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Seminario di Danza Orientale

Avenue Général Guisan 26

1800 Vevey

Flyer da scaricare qui

Domenica 29 marzo 2020

dalle 14:00 alle 17:00

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Here is a link to a gift for practicing at a distance. Click on the "gift" button.


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seminario di danza roteante

Kasinostrasse 19, Aarau


Flyer da scaricare qui

Domenica 17 maggio 2020

dalle 13:00 alle 17:00

Shows and events

Egyptian dance is one of the oldest dances in the world. Its origins date back to the Neolithic, when it was practiced as a ritual to honor the Mother Earth. Therefore, this dance has belonged to human heritage for millennia and has found fertile ground in Egypt.

The founder of OneDance Association, Samah Gayed, is an internationally qualified professional teacher, choreographer, dancer and Professional Holistic Worker.

She has a master's degree in Intercultural Communication. Her studies and her life experience make her lessons an opportunity to get closer to another culture. For someone, it means "live twice".

Samah Gayed - OneDance @Lausanne Afro Fusion Festival, August 2017

Testimonials from OneDance participants - Melide 2017


  Dancing School  

Egyptian folk dance

The founder of OneDance Association, Samah Gayed, is specialized in egyptian folk dance. She teaches it faithfully, with the aim of keeping this tradition of her original country alive.

For this reason in 2004 Samah founded the dancing school Isis Osirid (today named OneDance), which has 600 students of all ages to its credit. The school has trained professional dancers, who have performed in international television programs and festivals.


The pupils were able to enjoy the benefits of this dance, which allows them to develop well-being in different spheres.


Physical well-being, through toning muscles (especially those of the back) and improving posture.

Emotional well-being, because it enhances femininity and vitality.

Social well-being: the lesson becomes a moment when women have the opportunity to meet and discover the sisterhood that unites them. In that way they develop complicity rather than competition.

VideoPromo of the oriental dancing school

Egyptian oriental dance with Samah Gayed

Egyptian dance classes every:


Thursday in Canobbio - from 18:45 to 20:15 and from 20:15 to 21:45

Center Viverbene in via Sonvico 18, in Lugano-Canobbio

From Monday 02.03.2020, Egyptian dance classes also:


One Monday per Month - from 19:00 to 21:00

Center Vite, via Stazione 14, in Bellinzona

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