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The OneDance

Dance for unity

To include all the dances and all the people, Samah has created a new dance that she called OneDance. It is inspired by the dance of whirling dervishes. OneDance contains everything it believes and aspires to, as it symbolizes UNITY: unity of nations, cultures and religions. Precisely because of its significance and the custom-designed costume, "OneDance" was presented at the international peace festivals in Luxor and Rome.

samah danse 6.jpg

A symbol of peace

Thanks to her travels around the world she has developed a more global identity, where she feels she is the daughter of the whole earth. With this practical spirit she spread the OneDance, a dance in which one turns on oneself to find the central point, the essential one, where peace dwells. In fact, this dance for Samah is a peace project. During the dance, while Samah turns on itself, the colors of the flags merge into a single rainbow, in which all the populations and religions of the world unite.

Some Events

In 2010 this dance starred in the International Peace Festivals in Rome (I) and in Luxor (EGY).

In 2014 Samah was invited to dance to the
International Dance Congress (UNESCO),

as a peace dancer.

In 2018 Samah was awarded as an artist who brings joy to the planet from the projectJoy for the Planet”

The flags of the whole world embroidered on the dress of Samah

Joy for the Planet celebrates "OneDance" by Samed Gayed

International Peace Festivals in Rome

The tunic was designed by Zoé

Zoe Maton


OneDance benefits

Since we are in an era where everything is speeded up, there is no time for long therapies. OneDance is a new self-healing technology that travels at the speed of light. In a few seconds the whole structure built by culture is forgotten, accessing the cosmic consciousness where everything merges and returns regenerated with living experience in all cells.


From the moment one experiences an experience of inner peace, one knows it and for this reason it is recognized and the desire to re-propose it and to reproduce it within us and around us is born of it. For this reason I consider it a true project of peace.

In the post-dance sharing, the phrase is often repeated: "I feel free", "I feel liberated". This movement allows us to free ourselves from so many conditionings and taboos that we do not even know we have, that only once we have resolved do we realize we have had them.

2019 OneDance seminar in Lausanne, Switzerland


In the practice of rotary movement I found all that is needed to evolve, elevate and expand naturally. For example, the experience of timeless time, the fading of the personality, the return of children, abandoning oneself with confidence, losing control, returning to believe that everything is possible and finding one's own center where peace of mind exists.

The rotary movement changes the information in our cells and consequently the vibration of our aura, synonymous with consciousness.

What I do during OneDance seminars, through targeted exercises, which allow us to take root, abandon control and feel with all the senses, is to remember the natural movement that takes place within each of our cells.

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