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Samah Gayed

How Samah Gayed lives, sees and teaches the egyptian dance.

The egyptian dance, if experienced in the correct manner, can act on different levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and energetic. 

The egyptian dance gives the opportunity of gaining a greater awareness, more responsibility for our actions and the correct and happy fulfillment of our  destiny.

The wonder and beauty of this dance brings the main attention to the female uterus, place where the following things live: Creativity, Intuition, Hospitality, Introspection, Unconditional Love, Grace, Femininity, Solidarity, Patience, Cyclicity.

Earth has its rhythm. Egyptian dance has the power to make us discover our own rythm, synchronizing it with the one of the Earth. Egyptian dance can allow us to live magically in the divine flow where nothing happens by chance and where the miracle of life happens by itself.

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